The Wonderful Person of Christ!

This whole week in the ARU welcome meetings we are looking at Our Common Faith – the items of the faith that all Christians believe in, concerning the Bible, the divine Trinity, the person and work of Christ, our need of salvation, and the church! We are really excited to be getting into these topics this week, as it is by our being clear concerning the common items of the faith and focusing on these that we can be one despite coming from many different backgrounds!

“To Titus, genuine child according to the common faith: Grace and peace from God the Father and Christ Jesus our Saviour.”

– Titus 1:4

This afternoon’s welcome Bible study will be at 5pm in Coslett 108, and we will be looking at the wonderful person of Christ. The Bible reveals that Jesus Christ is both the complete God and the perfect man. He possesses both the divine nature and the human nature. It is because He is both God and man that we can believe into Him and be saved. This wonderful Person wants to live inside of us!

We hope you can join us today at 5pm to get to know this wonderful Person together!

(Today we are in Coslett 108, and the rest of the week we will be in Coslett 107.)

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