So ends ARU Welcome Week!

We’ve had a really fantastic week out at ARU, meeting new students, sharing the Good News, and spending time together in such a “Jesusly human” way! Thanks to everyone who participated, including those from Cambridge Uni, and an especially big thanks to the wonderful, loving families who have been cooking for us, praying for us, and welcoming us into their homes! 

With the semester beginning in earnest and things about to get busy, this is just a reminder to keep looking away to Jesus and resting in Him! And don’t forget we’ll be meeting together at ARU every Tuesday at 5pm in Coslett 107. This semester we’ll be talking an in depth look at the Gospel of John, so come along each week to enjoy the Lord’s word, which is spirit and life (John 6:63)! 

PS: for pictures from the past week, see our new Instagram account: @cambridgechristianstudents.

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