Freshers 2021

Welcome all freshers! (and welcome back to all returning students!)

We’re really glad to have you here with us in Cambridge, and would love to invite you to come and join us for any and all of our “Freshers month” activities! 

Welcome Meeting
Friday 8th October
7pm in person for dinner and getting to know one another
8pm on Zoom and in person for Bible study and fellowship

Sign up to get location info – a rep will contact you directly:

We look forward to learning to know and experience Christ together more this coming year!

This term in our Friday Bible Studies we will be diving into “Bible Lessons Series: Fundamental Truth” which will cover the following topics:

1. Our Common Faith
2. The Bible—The God-Breathed Word
3. The Triune God
4. The Wonderful Person of Christ
5. The Excellent Work of Christ
6. Experiencing the All-Inclusive Spirit
7. God’s Judicial Redemption
8. God’s Organic Salvation
9. God’s Economy
10. The Vision of the Church
11. The Universal and Local Church
12. Knowing the Body of Christ

To find out more, leave your contact details here:

Cambridge University Student Union page
Christians at Uni

Meet us! Get in contact, we would love to meet you in person or online 🙂